Could Too Much Protein Shrink Your Brain?

Homer BrainMaybe there is something to that whole joke about being a meathead. New research in mice placed on different types of diets has shown that those mice placed on high-protein diets had 5% lower brain mass as compared to mice placed on a high-fat, high-carbohydrate, or balanced diets.

There is mounting evidence, as more and more research is done into Alzheimer’s Disease and related neurodegenerative disorders, that diet plays a large role in the development of brain disorders later in life. What you eat matters, but what you make sure not to eat matters as well.

And despite the focus in the United States on the importance of protein in our diets, more and more evidence seems to indicate that regularly consuming high levels of protein (such as deriving >50% of ones calories from protein) can have adverse effects. The landmark research study, The China Study, examining the role of diet (and dietary protein) in health is what I consider to be essential reading for anyone interested in the link between diet and health.

For more information on the research study on high protein diets and brain mass – published in the Journal of Molecular Neurodegeneration, check here:

Dietary composition modulates brain mass and amyloid beta levels in a mouse model of aggressive Alzheimer’s amyloid pathology

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